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Post by Tom 5194 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:55 pm

The staff members of this forum are here to make sure the users follow the rules.


Administrators have full power of the forum. Their job is to look out for rule-breakers, modify most of the forum if nessecary, and help out users. You'll see them in the color of red in their usernames. They can add and remove staff members, ban and unban members, and control the forum.


Moderators have a good amount of power in the forum. Their job is to watch out for rule-breakers, modify topics, ad help out users. You'll see them in the color of blue in their usernames. They have the ability to ban members. They have the possibility of becoming an administrator.

Graphic Designers:

Graphic Designers have some power over the forum. They are allowed to warn members if they're breaking rules, but cannot ban. Their job is to make themes, headers, etc. They don't have many abilities. You will find them in the color of yellow.

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