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CpPower Official Rules Empty CpPower Official Rules

Post by GearWorks on Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:21 am

Hello, , please read these rules before posting on the forums.

1.) No spamming (no pointless replies such as LOL or alkjdfal).

2.) No inappropriate or mature content, unless an administrator approves it.

3.) No double posting. Either edit your post or wait until someone else posts. If you are a Graphic Designer, Moderator, or Administrator, you may double post if nessecary.

4.) Treat all users and staff with respect.

5.) No hacking discussion, Club Penguin or not.

6.) Use the report system for rule breakers ONLY.

7.) Do not post in hard to read colors. White, Violet, Cyan, and Yellow are not allowed.

8.) No trading accounts or codes unless approved by Tom 5194 and GearWorks first.

9.) Use proper grammar.

10.) No backseat moderation. If you aren't a Moderator, don't act like one.

11.) No foul language.

12.) Don't ask to be a moderator on an administrator, this will lower your chances.

13.) The administrators and moderators are:


Tom 5194


Ichigo Kurosaki

13.) You will have 5 infractions before a full ban.

14.) Only slight curse words are allowed (such as hell or damn)

You will be warned if you break any of these rules. Continuously doing this will result in...

A.) Infractions
B.) Bans
C.) Removal of rank
D.) IP ban (Only for SERIOUS occasions)

~Administration Team

These rules apply to all forums

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